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Synapse is an open-source JavaScript library offering an elegant solution to the challenge of orchestrating input validation and normalization, response caching, and state synchronization between clients in distributed, real-time applications.
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  • Real-Time Ready

    Synapse takes a declarative approach to state syncronization, so you can focus on maintaining the state of your application while we keep your clients up-to-date, whether on a single server or in a cluster.

  • Protocol Agnostic

    Synapse creates a layer of abstraction between your API and the protocols used to access it. Enable WebSocket or SSE support with just three lines of code, or write interfaces for other protocols.

  • Highly Extensible

    Synapse provides a solid foundation of classes for your application to extend and build upon, without imposing unnecessary restrictions. Nearly every functionality of the library can be customized.

  • Effortless Validation

    Synapse includes an intuitive system for schema definition out of the box. Schemas are attached to each function exposed by your API, ensuring that all requests are validated and normalized.

  • Built-In Caching

    At the core of Synapse is a powerful, in-memory cache that both drives its subscription service and improves the efficiency of your application. And, it's enabled by default.

  • Seamless Integration

    With just a few lines of code, a Synapse API can be integrated with an exisiting Express application—or, use it to build your project from the ground up. Flexibility is our philosophy.